About Adzuki Leaves

Hello, I’m in my 30s and this is a new way of tracking my photography and other web related things that I like or want to draw or generally be arty with. I’m going to track how my photos change and this is cheaper than continually printing images off. I recently got a new camera a Canon 300D and practicing alot with my macro lense. I started off with a Pentax SLR  film camera and macro tubes, then got an Olmpus C-770 Ultra-zoom and now the lovely pretty Canon. Quality of images will vary as I play and get used to new and different ways of taking pics. I am also going to learn to use photoshop…I have been a purest not wanting to manipulate images. However my new Canon doesn’t have a black n white setting so going to learn to ‘tweak’ pics.

I love cyborgs, robots and a growing interest in steampunk…especially steampunk meeting insects and nature. I love abstracts and how details quickly becomes abstract. Love reading, watching british comedy,  sci-fi, cooking and music. Always music.

I’m doing a PhD as well as tutoring and lecturing on the side. Main interest with academia is cyborgs, bodies, pop culture and history.


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