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Aramoana is one of my favourite place. I try and go out there at least once a month. Last week I went for walk along the beach at low tide. There was a small octupus washed up which made for some interesting photos. There is also a lovely walkway though the playground that ends up with lovely view of the surrounding hills. I’m thankful I live so close to such a beautiful part of New Zealand.



Fruity remains

I had a wee gathering for my birthday.  The remains of a fruit platter and the scraps made for some interesting photos. Below are the remains of an avocado, a mango ( I swear) and various other fruits. Enjoy!

Photo onto fabric

I got round to taking one of my photos into the uni print shop to get put onto fabric. I want to present some of my more abstract photos on fabric and see how the textures and colour work together. I started simple and took an A3 piece of natural calico in with the first pic from my washing post. I love the effect and have heaps of ideas floating in my head. I need to adjust some of the tones before photos go to print.  Although the picture below doesn’t do the print justice I can state in real life…look cool!! 🙂

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