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Grand sculptures from household rubbish

These sculptures made from rubbish are very cool. The live link has great close ups of what makes up each sculpture.


More Organ Pipes…

I have now got photoshop…fun! Sometime this week I’m going hunting for glass vases of different shapes so I can play some more with coloured dye in water. I’m going to try adding  different objects and also play with the resulting images in photoshop. FUN!

Walking up to the Organ Pipes.

My grand plan for this morning was to walk up to the Organ Pipes at Mt Cargill. I had all my camera gear and was still sleepy from the 3Ds gig.  I got half way before the weight of my bag got too much so I  toddled back down to Graham’s Bush. So lovely and peaceful up there…on my list of top 5 Dunedin places, Aramoana being first on the list.

I’m thinking of taking my camera round with me on campus etc so I can just shoot pictures as I please. Will see if this happens.

Special thanks to the Fantail that accompanied me through Graham’s bush and stayed still for few seconds so I could grab some pics!

Useful Steampunk links

I’m trying to draw steampunk-like insects. I like the look of steam-powered contraptions and the wonderful earth tones in steampunk. Ooo and fob-watches! My drawing skills still need improvement and heaps of practise but the following links really useful for anyone looking at drawing steampunk things.

How to draw steampunk Machines

Wikipedia is useful (the academic in me cringes!)

Steampunk art and interior decor.

Online Steampunk zine. Some nice drawings and ideas.

Sleepy Sunday

I’m going to have a break from macro for a week and use normal lense and start fiddling with mannual settings. I’m starting to get frustrated with auto setting. Reading lots of photo books at the moment. So much awesome stuff to learn and play with.

Out of focus macro fun

These 3 photos are out of focus, not on purpose but by wind and camera movement. However, I love the shape and colour. The ethereal nature of each photos still draws me in. I’m going to play with them at some stage on Photoshop and see if I can make them more abstract, lift the colours on the bottom photo. I need to take some more pics before I put another post up…and make sure they are in focus 🙂

Experiments with my new camera.

My new Canon is heaps of fun. I’m doing everything on automatic at the moment while I get used to the macro lense, the weight and having such an amazing lense! I need to take my tripod out with me…I get bad camera shake, which although makes some cool images (more on that in another post), also means I have had some misses in focus. The tripod is half the size of me. I think I will make a bag for it so I can easily take it places…or have a growth spurt!

I’m finding taking photos with an SLR again interesting. I learned photography on an SLR so I still have some of my photographic instincts. I’m going to learn to use Photoshop or Lightroom better so I can get a better switch from colour to black and white. My old camera had a black and white setting and I could tone easily and before that the joy of darkroom, though that was 10 years ago. I love the tones of black and white.

I just need to keep taking more pics!

Some more older photos

I tend to take pictures of water on plants, bark etc. I like the magnification of a simple drop of water on a surface. These are older images…newer ones to come later.

Steampunk Butterfly

I adore this butterfly. I have sketched it and I’m now working on drawing my own steampunk insects. From this deviant art site …

Mushrooms…an Obsession

Sunlit mushroom

I am obsessed with fungi/mushrooms. I love Autumn when I can go fungi hunting with my camera. This photo, and others to come, are taken from my old camera. I can’t wait to see what I can do with my new camera…just need a ring-flash…mmmm