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I spent most of the weekend painting.  After lots of playing I found a finished design I liked. The photos don’t really do justice to the work – not much natural light around at the moment! Sewing on canvas is tough and I need to invest in some metal caps for my fingers. Painting is acrylic on canvas with embroidery.


Odds and Ends

I haven’t posted for awhile, busy with work and life. So this is some odds and ends. Two pastel paintings I have one recently and two images. I like the colours and textures in the photos, however the focus isn’t quite right. I’m going to repeat the experiment. Bless soy milk, oil and food colouring! This week I was taught by a friend how to add colour to sections of photos. I’m going to play some more with this. The gravestone and ANZAC poppies was taken awhile ago at North cemetary. Perfect image to practise on…I like the effect even if little clichéd. I’m planning on playing with black n white and small bits of colour some more and have a list of ideas!

Now off for a whirlwind research trip! Enjoy 🙂


Fruity remains

I had a wee gathering for my birthday.  The remains of a fruit platter and the scraps made for some interesting photos. Below are the remains of an avocado, a mango ( I swear) and various other fruits. Enjoy!

Photo onto fabric

I got round to taking one of my photos into the uni print shop to get put onto fabric. I want to present some of my more abstract photos on fabric and see how the textures and colour work together. I started simple and took an A3 piece of natural calico in with the first pic from my washing post. I love the effect and have heaps of ideas floating in my head. I need to adjust some of the tones before photos go to print.  Although the picture below doesn’t do the print justice I can state in real life…look cool!! 🙂

Random selections


Two posts today! Busy morning. Most of the above images are experiments again. The second image reminds me of the rabbit in Donnie Darko, though it is a piece of barbed wire, as is the first image. Unfortunately the colours on the first photo haven’t replicated here…I upped the saturation and the copy I have is a brighter green and quite stunning. I like how the fourth (I really need to start naming my images!) has captured some of the fence details from round North cemetary.  I don’t like the large white patch to the left and I tried to crop it out but the cross looks good as central point. I’m going to hunt for a Photoshop trick to sort that out. Enjoy 🙂