Painting again!

I finally finished this unnamed painting today. I started it weeks ago, then decided that I needed to redo the whole thing so started again on Tuesday evening and kept the momentum up all of today and finished it this evening. I’m kind of proud that the figure at the bottom looks like a figure! WooT! Again some embroidery put on after I finished the painting. I will try and get better photos on my proper camera, detail isn’t showing up very well. These were taken on a point n shoot. I used some very cheap roll canvas I picked up on trademe with acrylics and thread.

Been awhile…

I have been really slack in updating my blog. I have taken photos but getting very picky. And been busy doing research and other things. I went out and took photos one night about three weeks ago. I love the light and crazy textures and floaty feeling night photos have, especially when your not using a tripod…opps. Next time the tripod will come with me! Although not the best photos I’ve taken I had fun clicking away 🙂 I’m looking forward to a road trip up to Christchurch soon as I’m sure I will find heaps to take photos of. Yay!


I spent most of the weekend painting.  After lots of playing I found a finished design I liked. The photos don’t really do justice to the work – not much natural light around at the moment! Sewing on canvas is tough and I need to invest in some metal caps for my fingers. Painting is acrylic on canvas with embroidery.


Exhibition Prints

Originally I was going to get my photo on fabric with abit of sewing sorting for TLC student exhibition. Time has been seriously against me so I’ve pulled together three photos. I spent this afternoon cutting and putting photos into frames. Kind of odd letting go of my photos for first time. Just have to think up names for the prints now!

Odds and Ends

I haven’t posted for awhile, busy with work and life. So this is some odds and ends. Two pastel paintings I have one recently and two images. I like the colours and textures in the photos, however the focus isn’t quite right. I’m going to repeat the experiment. Bless soy milk, oil and food colouring! This week I was taught by a friend how to add colour to sections of photos. I’m going to play some more with this. The gravestone and ANZAC poppies was taken awhile ago at North cemetary. Perfect image to practise on…I like the effect even if little clichéd. I’m planning on playing with black n white and small bits of colour some more and have a list of ideas!

Now off for a whirlwind research trip! Enjoy 🙂


Aramoana is one of my favourite place. I try and go out there at least once a month. Last week I went for walk along the beach at low tide. There was a small octupus washed up which made for some interesting photos. There is also a lovely walkway though the playground that ends up with lovely view of the surrounding hills. I’m thankful I live so close to such a beautiful part of New Zealand.